Casino Players Cards

Nearly every casino has a casino players card system incorporated within its playing grounds. Casino Players Cards are distributed to every person playing within the casino. These cards allow the casino to keep track of each player’s use of the card, while also allowing the id holder to accumulate won points, for redemption of prizes later. Obviously, Casino Players Cards are quite important to the overall flow of the establishment’s business, for both a casino and its patrons.

How the System Works for the Casino & Its Patrons

Casino Players Cards allow the casino to keep track of each player’s use of the card, recording length of play, wagering amounts, wins and loses at what tables and machines, etc. … This, of course, is important information to have for maintaining a successful casino. The more an individual uses a Casino Players Card and wins, the more points that id holder has for benefit redemption later.

Comp Accumulations & Redemptions

After accumulating so many points on your casino players card (based on the casino’s instilled system), you are able to redeem the points for comps. Comp benefits, or rather complimentary benefits, are allotted prizes incorporating the establishment. For instance, a comp prize may be a free stay overnight, a complimentary meal for two, a shopping spree, or similar opportunity involving the casino itself.

Casino Players Cards at The Tables

Though becoming rare, some casinos do still direct Casino Players Cards points for table games. With this type of gambling, the casino is more tracking how much you play, rather than how much you win. Most recently, casinos have been known to lump everything into club accounts for issuing direct mail offers, comps, etc…

With countless benefits to Casino Players Cards, for each user and for the casino itself, there’s no reason not to partake in the system. Contact our professionals at Automated Card Systems by calling (800) 698-9148 today for more information on benefit cards, security cards and other automated card systems services from our experts. ¬We provide identification solutions for various institutions, ranging from healthcare and education, to financial institutions, corporations and government industries.


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