Casino Player Registration System for Your Company

Casinos make the perfect target for people that are desperate to make some fast cash. Desperate times often mean that people who would ordinarily never think of stealing from a casino are taking those risks. Everyone knows casinos are filled to the brim with guests carrying big wads of cash. In addition, there are always characters that want to try their luck at gaming the system. These types have studied all of the tricks of the trade and are eager to see what they can get away with. Despite these high risks casinos are considered to be easy targets. Millions of dollars are stolen annually.

Better Security Measures

One reason why security is lax is because of the fear of a guest getting in harms way. While casinos invest in sophisticated monitoring systems, which are constantly staffed, individuals that may be dangerous often slip through the cracks. Con artists are also becoming cleverer at blending in with the crowd.

Certainly it seems that a better security solution is needed to gain more control over the situation.

Casino Player Registration System

An easy solution is to set up a casino player registration system that can safely keep track of every guest that enters the establishment. Such systems utilize sophisticated software and advanced ID chip technology.

It is quite likely that a casino already has this type of security system in place for its employees. However, the guests are usually allowed to show their Driver’s license or other personal identification. That may be fine for simple card checks, but it does not go far enough for security purposes.

What are some of the benefits of requiring casino visitors to have a specially issued ID?

Durable Badge ID

Each guest is issued his or her own ID card made of strong plastic. The card displays their photo, name and electronic information. The ID is easy to make using the included software. Guests can quickly scan their card to enter into any area.

The equipment to make the cards is included. Simply set it up and start registering guests right away.

Coded Information

A premier feature of this sophisticated system is the ability to record specific information about each guest. The database can be customized to hold any information that can be instantly accessed when the card is swiped.

Troublemakers can be red flagged pretty quickly and watched or led off casino property. That is an asset that enhances video monitoring systems.

VIP and other desirable guests can be catered to instantly after authentication. The system can categorize guests according to any criteria desired.

Cashless Payments

Eliminate the need for guests to carry around cash or show their credit card. Registration cards carry a coded strip that automatically takes money out of their account. Guests simply swipe their ID card when making purchases.

Casino management now has advanced tools available that can greatly increase the level of security of any casino property. All that is required is a desire to integrate it into existing security.


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