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           Professional Photo ID Card Printers

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The printer is part of the complete Photo ID System. The type of printer you need depends on the number and type of cards to be issued and security features desired for your cards.

Datacard Printers: Commercial

Datacard CP 40 Plus Printer – Basic card printing solution. Print vivid one-sided color cards. Call 1-877-851-6034 to learn about this printer and a complete Photo ID system

Datacard CP 60 Plus Printer - Maximizes productivity for one or two-sided card printing. Call 1-877-851-6034 to learn about this printer and a complete Photo ID system

Datacard CP 80 Plus Printer – Creates the most highly secure IDs; ideal for security-minded organizations such as government agencies and universities. Call 1-877-851-6034 to learn about this printer and a complete Photo ID system

Datacard RP 90 Plus E Printer – High performance printing for heavy-duty applications. Prints on retransfer film, which is applied to the card surface for exceptional durability. Ideal to issue contact, contactless, proximity or smart cards as it prints right up to the edge of the smart card chip or directly over embedded chips. Optional laminator available. Call 1-877-851-6034 to learn about this printer and a complete Photo ID system.

Datacard Printers: Standard

Datacard SP25 Plus Printer. Call 1-877-851-6034 for more information

Datacard SP35 Plus Printer. Call 1-877-851-6034 for more information

Datacard SP55 Plus Printer. Call 1-877-851-6034 for more information

Datacard SP75 Plus Printer. Call 1-877-851-6034 for more information

Datacard 1-2-3 Easy ID Card System. Call 1-877-851-6034 for more information

Fargo Printers

Fargo DTC400 - Fargo's (DTC) Direct-To-Card technology prints sharp, colorful photos and graphics as well as bar codes and digitized signature.

Fargo DTC550 - Single-sided and dual-sided print capabilities, plus color and monochrome are available in this series. Supports embedded fonts and bar codes for personalization.

Versatile, high definition color printer.

HDP 6000 High Definition Printers - Versatile, high-definition color printer with Retransfer technology. Prints over-the-edge graphics on a variety or card sizes. Prints on all types of cards including smart cards and proximity cards.

Fargo M30 Monochrome ID Card Printer - Designed to personalize plastic cards with monochrome text, photos, bar codes or magnetic stripes, quickly and economically.

Zebra Printers

Zebra P110i Card Printer - Single sided printing, monochrome. Out-of-the-box functionality for ease of use and simple driver installation for Windows operation system.

Zebra P120i Card Printer - Single or dual sided printing, color or monochrome.

Zebra P330m Card Printer - Cost effective solution for monochrome printing.

Zebra P330i Card Printer - Offers single sided card printing, magnetic encoding.

Zebra P430i Card Printer - Built for high-volume production, dual sided color printing.

Zebra P630i Card Printer – Dual sided printing and single sided lamination to create the most secure IDs.

Evolis Printers

Evolis Tattoo ReWrite - Monochrome single-sided ID card printer allows you to erase and print the same card up to 500 times. A ribbon-free technology , no consumables.

Evolis Tattoo 2 ReWrite – Single sided color printer. The ideal solution for printing plastic cards on a small scale and for mobile applications In a few seconds

Evolis Pebble4 – Single sided, designed to cater to all your requirements whether they are small runs or bulk personalization of plastic cards.

Evolis Dualys3 Color Dual-Sided Card Printer - Dual sided color printer for personalization of badges, sterling quality and robust security.

Evolis Securion Color Dual-Sided Card Printer - Dual-sided printer that allows you to print full-color cards as well as add security lamination with its built-in lamination station.

Evolis Quantum Color Dual-Sided Card Printer - Dual-sided industrial card printer for high-volume badge personalization.

NBS Printers

NBS ImageMaster S-18 ID Card Printer – Monochrome printing, designed to produce large volumes of cards quickly, and at a great price point.

NBS ImageMaster D-40 ID Card Printer – Monochrome printing, dual sided. Perfectly suited for any high volume monochrome card printing application.

The NBS Javelin J360i color card printer offers a dynamic feature set with options such as built-in Ethernet and contact and contactless smart card encoding. The J360i comes standard with an LCD and offers a full range of options, including magnetic stripe encoding and smart card personalization. With its unique, streamlined design and aluminum enclosure, the Javelin J360i is lightweight yet extremely robust and sturdy.

Javelin™ J420 This dual sided printer has a unique flip-over capability that allows printing on both sides of a card. Javelin's ™ J420 produces 300 dpi resolution ensuring sharp print quality, and provides a fast 25-second single side, 35-second dual sided print speed. This printer is ideal for personalizing large batches of cards.

The Javelin™ 520 has dual-sided full color printing providing either 0.6 or 1 mil lamination on the card face. This high quality dual-sided color card printer is rugged and reliable.

Javelin's™ CX210 is a new generation of card printer designed especially to print onto contactless and contact smart cards using a range of different materials. The unique retransfer process ensures that uneven surfaces are covered without blemish.

The Javelin™ 720 printer is a linerless lamination system that simultaneously laminates the front and back of each card in one pass. This dual-sided color card printer features a viewing window , and uses a highly reliable, field tested print engine.

NISCA Printers

NISCA PR5300 Entry level dual sided printer providing dual sided lamination with a 103 cards per hour printing speed. Durable and reliable service suited for drivers licensing, printing bureaus, access control badges and standard corporate ID badges.

NISCA PR5310 This smart card printer supports HID Corporation’s Prox and iCLASS™ smart card technology along with the Philips Corporation’s MIFARE® smart card technology. This printer has integrated modules for seamless printing, reading and encoding functions.

NISCA PR5350 The high speed smart card printer for dual sided printing and lamination. Supports the smartcard technology and encoding functions including MagStreip, IC Contact and RFID.

NISCA PR-C101 is a lightweight, small compact printer that switches the card exit from front to back to accommodate any workspace conditions. Has an easy-to-read LCD panel, and all-in-one ribbon cartridge making it easy to use and maintain. Perfect for schools, libraries, government offices, health clubs and small businesses.

NISCA P5302 Laminator For added card durability and security, Nisca's P5302 provides high speed card lamination for standard CR80 plastic cards. This unit provides flexible settings and is configured for a variety of laminate materials.

NISCA CLEARjet Market leader in reprint technology for smart cards. This printer can both update the visible card information and at the same time change the information on the chip or magnetic stripe. All models can be delivered with integrated read/write devices for contact or contactless chipcards, magstripe or barcode modules.

Complete Photo ID Systems include: Printer, Camera, and Card production software:

We're the ID Experts

ACS is a provider of photo id card printers, including Datacard Identification products.

Datacard manufactures the best in the industry and best-in-class card printers for a variety of markets and uses.

ACS is the exclusive provider of Datacard products for western PA, eastern OH and WV, and ACS-East: eastern PA, NJ, and DE.

We provide the products and service them with a dedicated team of local technicians and software engineers.

Nowhere else in the area can you find the best ID card products and the top of the line, local service to keep them up and running. That is why so many organizations rely on Automated Card Systems.

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