Contactless Cards

Contactless cards function with a higher standard of security over other card reader methods, such as with Prox cards. This makes it a simple choice for high-security measure. Yet choosing the right format for your establishment’s contactless card security for your own specific needs may be a bit more difficult. At Automated Card Systems Incorporated, we can help you get the best security possible with reliable contactless smartcard format options.

-The Contactless Smartcard Technology

When accessing with a contactless smartcard, as the card is presented to the reader there is an authentication process between the smartcard and the card reader. The reader asks the card for an encrypted key, or rather an encoded password. If that key on the smartcard matches what is needed by the reader, then access is granted. Contactless smartcards read/write from the chip at 13.5 MHz as opposed to 125 kHz that a Prox card uses. Combined with an ISO 14443 or ISO 15693 standards, these smartcards and associated readers operate much faster with a greater read range. Two of the most popular and dependable formatting options for contactless cards are with Mifare and iClass.

Contactless Cards

-Mifare Format

Mifare is an alternative contactless smartcard using ISO 14443. Used worldwide for access control, cashless vending, financial payment and public transportation applications, the Mifare Application Directory allows for flexible use of the card with programming of additional applications to the chip. Mifare is available in a couple of different varieties, such as Mifare Classic and DES Fire EV1. The Mifare Classic version allows for multi-application use. The Mifare DES Fire EV1 version provides additional security to the smart card while also meeting the needs for fast and highly secure data transmission in a standard platform.

-iClass Format

The iClass contactless smartcard format is provided by HID, which utilizes ISO 15693. This iClass format is widely used for access because of its high level of security with card data that is protected by a triple DES encryption. The newer iClass SE platform also uses multi-layered security with a secure identity object for enhanced protection.

If you are seeking automated card securities, contact us today at Automated Card Systems for more information on contactless smart card formats and other card systems. ID solutions, supplies and services from our professionals are perfect for locations needing ample security, from school and corporation identification, to healthcare and government accesses. We provide the most up-to-date card and reader technology for the utmost of security possible.


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