Security Technology

Security has come a long way from the classic lock-and-key style of security measure, to encryptions for encoded messaging. Yet, plastic cards for ID’s wireless accesses were only the beginning. Now, biometric and artificial intelligence technology is emerging for a completely different type of future in encryption security. At Automated Card Systems Incorporated, we have the means to help you gain this superior level of security and peace of mind.

How Biometric Technology Works

Secuera, one of the two partnering companies for new encryption technologies, is one of the leading companies in biometrics through. This may sound like a huge change in current security devices, but many of us are already familiar with basic methods of biometric security technology; be it face scanners, finger print matchers and extractors, voice embedders, Iris security or other biometrics related security methods. The anticipated change is with Secuera’s partnership with Neuro-Technology.

Security Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Neuro-Technology, the other partnering company with Secuera, specializes in artificial intelligence technologies. From Neuro-Technology’s awards from various competitions and elite algorithms, to national scale projects, they are sure leaders in the security features and possibilities of artificial intelligence technologies. As you can imagine, Neuro-Technology’s decades of AI specialization mixed with the expertise of Secuera Technologies makes for a grand mark in the science of security.

Merging Together for the Future

So what does this entail for the future? This combination of biometrics and artificial intelligence technologies is setting up a clear bar for the next levels of security systems and techniques. The pair have already applied their security mix to smart cards, PC systems, mobiles and computer systems. Secuera Technologies and Nero-Technologies have merged together for an already successful 2 decades, but others are sure to keep following and build from the pair.

At Automated Card Systems, near Philadelphia, we remain up to date on the newest security technologies and make them available to you. From products to services, the experts of Automated Card Systems Incorporated have what it takes to produce a completely safe and invariably strong system of security. We give you peace of mind with every service and product, for ultimate safety. Contact us today by calling (800) 698-9148 to learn more about biometric encryptions, other Automated Card Systems products, services and for other inquiries.


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