Four Benefits of a Visitor Management System

Visitor management kiosks (VMKs) are familiar equipment in the educational, business, government, and healthcare industries. These kiosks collect information from visitors to make it easier to safeguard employees and students, to check data that is used for billing purposes, or to confirm identity information.

VMKs create several benefits for business, employees, customers, and guests. They can be used to:visitor management

  • Save time. Instead of an employee checking everyone into your office or building, an easy-to-use kiosk system can be utilized. If visitors are registered ahead of time, then they simply have to sign in on the kiosk. If they’re not registered, they can do so right there. This frees up the desk staff, making employees more productive.
  • Easily collect and refine information. Many systems ask visitors or guests to sign in by scanning their access cards. On the screen, information appears and the visitor is asked to change or approve the information. This ensures that the most recent information that a company needs for your business, such as name, SSN, email, phone number, DOB, and address, is up-to-date. Often, health insurance information can easily be approved for billing purposes since VMKs can auto-fill pertinent information.
  • Safeguard students and staff. School campuses now install VMKs in security offices that require real-time background checks. If a visitor’s information passes the check, then a badge can be printed out for them that is used for a particular amount of time—such as five hours, 24 hours, or a week. You can also require someone to have an escort, depending upon their information.
  • Supplement office and building security. Some visitor management kiosks are used to gather data that tells management and building owners not only who is entering the building, but how often, what time, and how long they stay. At the same time, an emergency situation can be controlled more efficiently if management knows what visitors are in the building.

Visitor management kiosks are just one of the ways that you can ensure visitors, staff, and customers are efficiently tracked when entering your company. Automated Card Systems has a suite of products, including cameras and capture devices, photo ID systems, and smart cards that will work with VMKs in any office setting. Contact ACS today to learn more.


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