Businesses can lose profits and control when unauthorized personnel gain access to areas of their company that they don’t have permission to be in. A photo ID system is a cost effective way to ensure that your employees, contractors, and those on the periphery of your business are given access to where they should be. Employee ID card readers also keep others out of areas they are not allowed to enter.

Having a photo ID customized card allows employers to safeguard their inventory and processes by being able to track employees and ensuring that only authorized, trained personnel are working in particular areas.

Employee ID Card Readers Track Information Needed for Security
A photo ID system:

• Ensures that Quality and Safety Measures Are Met and Exceeded. Regulatory compliance issues are critically, and often legally, important at many industrial, manufacturing, and healthcare companies. If you require compliance for processes, then you should know everyone who is working on projects. Additionally, it is not uncommon for people involved in industrial or corporate espionage to gain unlawful entry into buildings. Photo ID cards will guarantee that the people working at your building, warehouse, or office building, or retail environment should be there.
• Allows Qualified Employees Onsite. Many companies invest millions into training programs so that their employees have the tools that they need to perform their jobs. An employee should have easy access to enter the parts of buildings that they are permitted to walk into. Their information is kept in a database so that you can see how many times and when they enter particular areas. This information will help you determine if further training is needed and if you should consider further access control points.
• Tracks Visitor Movement. If your business usually sees many visitors come through your doors, such as package delivery personnel, you may want to assign them visitor cards that will allow them entry into only the doors that you allow. That way, even if no one can greet them, these workers can still enter the building, drop off or pick up materials, and then leave, with the door locking behind them.

Automated Card Services has complete photo ID systems that include cameras with capture software, card products software, and card printers. We can design a photo ID system for your company—no matter how large or how small—that will integrate into your information systems. Don’t leave your businesses’ safety, quality assurance, or profits to chance. Depending on your needs, our photo ID systems can use either contact or contactless cards, and we can help you with visitor management systems and tracking solutions to keep your employees and your company secure. We’re the number one provider of ID solutions in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Delaware, and New Jersey. Contact Automated Card Services today.


Automated Card Systems addresses an array of administrative areas:

  • Hospital Wristband and Label Printing Systems
  • Photo ID Systems
  • Kiosks for registration

Automated Card Systems offers complete photo identification systems with Simple Solutions:

  • Camera With Accompanying Capture Software
  • Software For Card Production
  • Instant ID Card Printer

Let Automated Card Systems provide you with a no cost, no obligation analysis designed to specifically determine your needs and provide you with the best possible solutions. Automated Card Systems provides sales, support, warehousing and training services for the entire tri-state area.

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