Is Your Label Printer Color-Blind?

When you print anything, it’s important to ensure that everything looks professional. You don’t want the ink to smudge, nor do you want something that should be yellow to turn out brown.

The sad fact is that many businesses and organizations settle for less than perfection because they think that it’s all they can attain.

Today, we’re going to cover a simple question about your printing procedures: Is your label printer color blind?

Less-Than-Functional Labels

Settling for less is a motto that many people take to heart each day when it comes to their label printer. They make due with dull or off-color labels that fail to match labels printed earlier, which in turn makes their color print stand out in all the wrong ways when placed side by side.

The reason people settle when it comes to their color print is because it’s too time and work intensive to ensure that things print properly. They assume that they can only print as well as their label printer will allow, or they will have to sit there for minutes or hours adjusting their label maker periodically to ensure that the colors come out properly.

Color Laser Printer

The most trying part of the color problem comes in when you consider the many components that could be forcing the color to print incorrectly. Your label printer may be up to the right standards and the ink might be on par as far as pigmentation goes, but the scanner you used or the monitor you used to alter your label may interpret the correct color differently.

This causes minute deviations to occur that can ultimately throw your label printer into a state where it seems to be color blind when it comes to your color print.

Fixing the Problem

There are ways to fix the color blindness issue. Auto Card Systems, a company based out of Canonsburg, PA that is experienced in printing labels and other printed media, responds to this problem using a methodical approach that allows for the production of labels with the right color the first time every day.

Through the use of custom color profiles designed to calibrate every machine from the input step to the printing part of the process, they’re able to ensure that labels print properly the first time around. Customers are amazed that when they print a proof, it looks exactly like it should the first time around.

Auto Card Systems’s label-making process allows for keen color print to be made even without physical proofs. Digital copies, which suffer from an error in color matching based off of the problematic devices presented earlier, can be used to produce labels that accurately represent what the digital copy tries to by making use of special color profiles.

These color profiles allow Auto Card Systems to anticipate any changes in color due to the stock or finishing, which in turn allows for adjustments to be made that will provide a more accurate representation of the chosen color.

These simple but clever techniques allow for labels that businesses, organizations and individuals will likely find pleasing starting with the first print. In a world where mass copies are a common thing, this allows both customer and printer to avoid color-blind label makers.


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