Do You Know How to Use a Pass-Card?

Today’s technology in building security has gone from basic lock and key methods, to advanced digital protection. Pass-cards, for instance, provide building security as well as information on the one entering and exiting. This form of security is ideal for any security needs from specific purposes such as employee and school IDs, to general ID badges for guests and additional visitors.

Pass-Card Types

There are two types of pass-cards: those for regular members of a secured building, and others for a secured building’s visitors. Pass-cards for regular members to enter secured buildings are permanent until deactivated. This type of pass-card contains data about the pass-card holders, such as names, titles and positions. Permanent pass-cards are used for students, employees and other building personnel since these people need regular access to their secured buildings.

Security Pass-Cards

The other type of pass-cards for secured buildings is only temporary, for use of one-time access. These would be used, for instance, for building visitors and guests not needing regular access to secured buildings. Other than the pass-card being identified as a visitor or guest pass, these pass-cards do not offer additional information about the card holder.

Electronic Readers

Not only are there different types of pass-cards, there are also multiple types of pass-card readers: swipe card readers, insert card readers, and proximity card readers. Depending on the type of entrances and exits a secured building has, as well as personal preference, one type of pass-card reader may be more suitable than another.

Swipe card readers contain an open-ended slot that reads a pass-card as it slides in one end and out of the other. Insert pass-card readers are designed to have cards fully inserted into a slot and then ejected after being read. Proximity pass-card readers neither swipe nor consume pass-cards. These readers actually scan a pass-card that is in proximity of its solid, flat panel. For each of these readers, if the pass-card that is swiped, inserted, or scanned has been assigned access, the security system will unlock and release the secured door, enabling the card holder to pass through.

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