Clean ID Photos

Having a clean and clear photo ID card picture is imperative for accurate access with the card later on. If a photo has a glare, is blurred, or unclear for any reason, your identification access is not 100% secure. At Automated Card Systems, we have the service tools, tips and expertise to ensure that you take the a clear and clean ID photo.

-Consider Lighting and Reflective Properties

When a photo is taken with too much or not enough proper lighting, it can be difficult to identify the card holder. Avoid overhead lighting and windows near the photo capturing area. Also consider reflective properties. Items such as glasses can produce a reflection or shine that distorts the photo’s clarity. Obviously, these easily occurring errors defeat the entire purpose of photo card identification.

Photo ID

-Steady Shots and Angles

One tool worth investing in for photo ID picture taking is the tripod. Steady shots and accurate angles can be challenging to achieve by hand. Natural body movements, such as the expanding of the chest and shoulders while breathing, cause slight jerking that is often unnoticed until you try to remain absolutely still. Simply by using a tripod, you can steady your camera, its focus, and ultimately produce a quality ID photo.

-Specific Lenses and Cameras

Of course capturing and printing pictures and photo ID cards requires a digital camera. This can be a digital camera that you already own, or one that was included in your system set up bundle kit. These types of cameras are enabled to work with card design software for quick importing and processing. ID photo cameras and their lenses should also incorporate high image resolutions for the most clearly taken image with identifying detail.

At Automated Card Systems, we have the service tools, tips and expertise to ensure that you take a clear and clean ID photo. Contact us today at (800) 698-9148 for more information on our reliable services.


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