Utilizing ID Cards in Schools

In an increasingly security-conscious nation, the one institution that is making use of facility-issued Identification Solutions are elementary and schools, whether public or private. All across the country, schools are not only looking for ID Solutions for security purposes, but are taking advantage of today’s technology by utilizing Smart ID Cards for school attendance, bus attendance and even tracking school lunches.

Student Smart Card

What is A Smart ID Card?

A Smart ID Card is an Identification Card that contains an embedded microprocessor to store information, much like the magnetic strip on a debit card or credit card. It is a much more superior data storage system than a magnetic strip, as it cannot be as easily read, written, deleted or changed with certain equipment. The microprocessor serves as a security system for the Smart ID Card, and has the ability to be loaded with data and used for electronic payments as well as other applications.

Importance of Photo ID Cards in Schools and Universities

The main reason behind schools implementing Photo ID Solutions is an increased need for security. According to the Crime and Safety Surveys Program, which collects and reports data on crime, violence and safety within elementary and secondary schools in the United States:

  • In 2012, students ages 12–18 were victims of about 1,364,900 nonfatal victimizations at school, including 615,600 thefts and 749,200 violent victimizations, 89,000 of which were serious violent victimizations.
  • During the 2009–10 school year, 85 percent of public schools recorded that one or more of these incidents of violence, theft, or other crimes had taken place, amounting to an estimated 1.9 million crimes.
  • In 2011, a higher percentage of students ages 12–18 reported that they were afraid of attack or harm at school (4 percent) than away from school (2 percent) during the school year.

Implementing a comprehensive Photo Identification Solution ensures school administrators and staff that each person on campus has a legitimate purpose, allowing for better management of campus access and control. While it is assumed that schools are using Photo ID Solutions for teachers and staff, many schools have broadened their reach to include Photo ID cards for students, with some even implementing Smart Card technology for library usage, school lunches, and even tracking attendance.

The key to successfully managing a Photo ID System is making use of the right technology. The days of handing out “Visitor” labels are disappearing fast, to make way for a more secure environment that allows parents, students, and campus staff to maintain a comfortable level of security for all.

ACS East, the Tri-State’s leading seller of Photo ID Systems, understands the unique needs of school superintendents and staff, when it comes to preserving the safety of their campus. ACS East’s Photo ID Solutions are tailored to the unique needs of each institution, with a comprehensive Photo ID Solutions that are geared toward safety and security, such as Visitor Management Systems and Tracking Solutions.

With customized programs to meet individual and specific needs, and an array of Photo ID options that are up-to-date with today’s technology, ACS East has the right solution to meet the needs of today’s school security concerns. For more information on ACS East’s Photo ID Solutions, contact them today, where their expert professionals will be happy to come up with a customized ID Solution to meet your specific requirements.


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