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Along with a card printer and card production software, a camera is an important component of a complete ACS Photo ID System.


      • Take photos for ID card printing
      • Capture signatures or biometrics for card printing, databases, and access management
      • Auto-fill information from government IDs into card production software for card printing
      • Register patients

Photo Pointe Solution – Makes image capture easy. One click allows you to capture, crop and produce a high-quality digital image in less than seven seconds. No panning, tilting, zooming or other camera adjustments are required. We also have the Tru Photo Solution.

Signature Pointe Solution – Everything you need to capture, store and print electronic signatures on ID cards. We also have the Tru Signature Solution available.

Finger Pointe – When used with Datacard® ID Centre™ Gold identification software, the solution enables you to scan a fingerprint and store a digital template in a biometric database for biometric identity verification.

Visitor Point – Visitors present an approved credential such as a driver’s license. The credential is scanned and the system auto fills the fields to quickly produce a plastic ID card or badge. A simple swipe of the visitor badge automatically logs the visitor in or out. Customize your visitor database information and produce in-depth reporting on activities and visitor traffic. The system provides real-time tracking of visitors for effective security auditing. Visitor Manager also available.

WebID – Access and transmit multiple databases and the information therein from any location via the Internet or Intranet. Multi-level password-protection allows you to distribute the convenience, efficiency, and accuracy of an information identification system throughout your organization.

SmartReg – Populate any enrollment system or registration form with a simple swipe of a government ID. The operator simply opens the specific application or service, scans the card, and SmartReg does the rest. Eliminate keystroke errors and increase customer service. Software supports almost any enrollment or registration application (including older legacy applications).

Automated Card Systems addresses an array of administrative areas:

  • Hospital Wristband and Label Printing Systems
  • Photo ID Systems
  • Kiosks for registration

Automated Card Systems offers complete photo identification systems with Simple Solutions:

  • Camera With Accompanying Capture Software
  • Software For Card Production
  • Instant ID Card Printer

Let Automated Card Systems provide you with a no cost, no obligation analysis designed to specifically determine your needs and provide you with the best possible solutions. Automated Card Systems provides sales, support, warehousing and training services for the entire tri-state area.

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