The Statistics on Identification

The days of walking into a business and signing your name on a piece of paper as a means to an entry are slowly coming to a close. Today’s organizations are feeling the need for increased security, particularly in the fields of government, education, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, and both large and small corporations.

Identification Solution

ID Solutions provide a means of identifying an individual as an employee or tracking visitors, as well as allowing or prohibiting access to areas that contain sensitive information. Today’s Smart ID Solutions even contain an embedded microchip that has processing capabilities and data storage capacity, allowing for access control, vending purposes, parking and tolls, or fast food service.

Here are a few statistics that not only show the need for a more comprehensive form of ID Solutions in today’s world, but also figures regarding the growth of ID Solutions in the United States:


• Healthcare is the leading industry for workplace violence, with a 25 percent increase in crime from 2012-2013.
• 98 percent of healthcare experience criminal incidents.
• 1 in 3 nurses are subjected to an assault at least once per month.


• According to national statistics and campus-security experts, college campus crime prevention is improving and incidences of major crimes are in decline, due to increased security technology.
• According to national statistics, increased security measures have led to a 7 percent drop in robberies, 24 percent drop in car theft, and an 8 percent drop in aggravated assault.

Government Institutions

• The number of successful government security breaches have doubled since 2009.
• A hacked Department of Energy system revealed Social Security numbers, birth dates and locations, bank account numbers and security questions and answers for 104,000 individuals.
• The Government Accountability Office recently found that 24 major federal agencies had security management weaknesses.

Financial Institutions

• Personal information such as online banking user names and passwords was compromised in 10 percent of fraud incidents according to the 2013 Identity Fraud Report,” Javelin Strategy & Research.
• The same report cited that the mean consumer out-of-pocket cost due to identity fraud increased from $354 in 2011 to $365 in 2012. The majority of fraud costs are to financial institutions, merchants and other businesses.


• The FBI estimates that one million people are exposed to some workplace violence each year.
• violence by criminals otherwise unconnected to the workplace accounts for the vast majority – nearly 80 percent – of workplace homicides.

Although some of the statistics may be startling, it is interesting to see that in the education category, increased security measures led to decreased crime statistics. While there is no perfect answer to today’s pressing issues on security concerns, ID Solutions can help you manage visitors as well as keep track of who is in your building, and whether they have a purpose to be there.

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