Size Optimization Matters: Choose The Right ID For Your Business

ID systems have been in place longer than some may be aware of. The importance of ID systems has been evident throughout the ages. Some can trace this back to biblical times. A verse in the Holy Bible, located in Nehemiah 2:7, talks about letters that were government-issued, and these were used to pass through a region.

ID systems have evolved, and it is now possible to identify people in highly sophisticated manners. One of the best tools available is the photo ID system.

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Benefits Of The Photo ID

One of the benefits of opting to choose a photo ID system within your business is merely the improved customer-employee relationship. A photo ID has the ability to help a customer feel instantly connected to your employee. A customer will know your employee’s name and will not have to ask.

Asking for your employee’s name is a fine solution, but many times the name is not pronounced right, or there is too much noise. The ID will give your customer confidence, and this will allow the customer to trust your employee.

Security is another benefit that your business might benefit from when choosing a photo ID system. You can place a barcode right on the ID, which you can use to implement a controlled access system within your business. You can also use that barcode to easily keep track of your employees and the hours worked. The choice is yours.

In order to properly place a barcode on your card, you need to figure out the proper size for your photo ID cards. You need to have enough space for a visible picture and name, without disturbing the barcode. A photo identification card also acts as a small advertising tool, which can improve your image and overall employee morale by making your employees feel like part of the team.

Optimized Photo Identification Card

As mentioned before, choosing the properly sized photo identification card is actually quite important. There are a few sizes available: The largest is the CR100, which is 2.63″ x 3.88″ large and gives you the opportunity to place large pictures and fonts. There are advantages, like allowing you to see the information on the card from afar, but they are also quite bulky.

The smallest size is the CR79, which is 2.051″ x 3.303″ small. Even though it is compact, this also makes it hard to read at times. The size of this card will make the information seemed crammed, and that could alter your image.

The most popular card is the CR80. This card is 3.375″ x 2.125″ large, yet it has just the right amount of room for everything.

It also comes with the benefit of being the exact same size as a credit card. This will make storing the card easier because people can store it in their wallet. You should be able to reduce the misplacements of photo identification cards within your workforce if you choose this size.

The other benefit is pure association. Customers should be able to subconsciously recognize the size of the identification card. They should associate it with a credit or debit card. These are cards they trust, something they value, and it represents money. Those are associations you want to invoke in your customer relations.

The bottom line is that ID systems can benefit your business. All you have to do is optimize it so that your business gains all of the benefits. One of the first things you need to start with is a perfectly sized identification card.


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