Authentication of Your Personal ID

Also referred to as “KBA,” knowledge based authentication is a high-level authentication that is mainly utilized in financial institutions and any other situations that require proof of identity of someone accessing a service. Knowledge based authentication requires personal information regarding an individual which is needed to grant access to the material, thus proving that the individual’s identity is not compromised.

Identification System

Knowledge based authentication is taking ID Solutions to the next level, requiring a more sophisticated procedure and customized information in order to keep access and information limited to the right group or individuals. There are three forms of knowledge based identification, listed below:

  1. Static Knowledge Based Authentication – Static knowledge based authentication requires users to input the answers to security questions when setting up a password-protected profile or system. If proof of identity or password changes are requires, they will are asked to provide the answers to the security questions that were set up.
  2. Dynamic Knowledge Based Authentication – Dynamic knowledge based authentication is a more comprehensive ID Solution that also utilizes questions to verify a user’s identity. Rather than requiring the user to input the answers themselves, Dynamic Knowledge Based Authentication is based on information from the individual’s public records, compiled marketing data, or credit report.
  3. Enhanced Dynamic Knowledge Based Authentication – Enhanced dynamic KBA takes ID Solutions a step further by using collected data that is stored behind your firewall to create custom security questions for each individual. This allows for a more complete authentication solution in which an institution can verify new and existing customers online.

Because of the increased need for online security in government institutions, financial institutions, medical facilities, large corporate entities, and even educational institutions, many are turning to more comprehensive ID solutions to preserve the integrity of their information for customers as well as the public. Being able to verify critical identity information gives businesses, clients, and the general public the peace of mind to conduct business safely and securely.

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  • Software For Card Production
  • Instant ID Card Printer

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