Embossing Techniques

Embossing techniques add elevated design to various materials, for a custom and elegant look. This simple yet developed process of embossing is able to be done by either a dry method or heat method of embossing. Dry embossing (also known as relief embossing) makes use of a stylus and stencil as main supplies, while heat embossing (also known as stamp embossing) uses heat, ink and powder to complete the emboss process.

Embossing, no matter the method you choose, is able to yield grand results while still remaining cost-effective. Whether the base material being embossed is cloth, metal, paper or nearly anything else, the technique of embossing will re-define its design elegance. The ability to choose from so many different materials with one technique great:

Embossing Techniques

-Additional Design Space & Creations

With 3-D, raised embossing techniques, your product’s design is able to be customized and built upward for even more design space and unique creations. All you need to emboss is a surface, be it a fabric, paper, metal or other material. Embossing is a cost effective technique that adds elegance and customized design to elevated creations.

-Unlimited Design Styles & Creations

There a couple of main uses for the process of embossing: for commercial aesthetics and for industrial functionality. Commercially, embossing is used for personalized gift making such as with paper, leather, velvet and other fabric materials. Industrial uses of embossing are one a larger business application. These uses include things such as publishing books using Braille symbols, embossing textiles, credit and debit cards. Though there are only two main reasons for making use of embossing techniques, there are innumerable amounts of creations possible with this unique process.

With so many options to choose and create from, embossing techniques are able to add the exact touch of style you are looking for, with added elegance and a lasting impression (literally). Contact us at Automated Card Systems today for more information the elegant technique of embossing and embossing products.


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