Photo ID Card Solutions for Your Company

Keeping tabs on your employees is essential to the safe operation of your business. There are many reasons that you would need to identify your staff during the course of business. The most important reason is to ensure that only authorized persons have access your facilities. Providing your staff with corporate photo ID solutions is the best way to ensure that you enjoy a safe workplace.

The type of photo ID you need for your staff depends largely on your company’s operations. If you are in a large building with other tenants, you will find a badge system with a photo, name and company information is sufficient. You can customize these with a barcode that allows you to store vital information. These barcodes can also be used on your business ID to grant or limit access to certain parts of your building.Why Corporate Photo ID Solutions?In the past, companies depended on in-house staff to create company identification cards using desktop printers. Not only was this expensive, it was incredibly time consuming. There was also a steep learning curve. This meant that if the person in charge of printing cards was unavailable, there would be a long wait to have a card printed. By hiring an outside company for business ID printing, you can free up your staff to concentrate on work related projects and save money on individual card printing.

If you are providing key card access, you will need a business ID that includes both a photo ID and swipe card. These cards can be programmed to special HID readers that allow your staff to swipe into locked offices and entry doors. Program your file rooms, office supply closets and server rooms with HID readers that will only grant access to authorized users. Your business ID card will allow you to control the flow of traffic in your company. With programmable features that allow you track card data, you will know exactly who has accessed sensitive information.

Customizing Your Photo ID

There are several ways you can customize your business ID to meet the needs of your company. First, choose from a full color or black and white identification card. While the black and white may be the most economical choice, the full color card is best for enhancing small photo details. Double sided cards allow you to add in additional information such as department, floor or other designation. A magnetic stripe or bar code allows you to add encrypted information to your card that will be helpful in identifying your staff and visitors.

Finding the Best Photo ID Solutions

When you are looking for the best corporate photo ID solutions, look for a company that provides the best photo ID card solutions for your business. Corporate photo ID solutions companies provide identification cards that will ensure the safety of your company’s data, staff and collateral. Whether you need one ID card or 100, there are corporate photo ID solutions that will work best for your company.


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  • Instant ID Card Printer

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