Why Photo ID cards are necessary for School Security

Schools are meant to be a place to learn. They are supposed to be supportive and safe environments where students socialize and focus on their academics. Unfortunately, not all schools are safe and it is time that school officials and city officials start to focus on making every school more secure. Presently, there is not real way to distinguish between students, trespassers, visitors, and unauthorized guests. This puts both students and staff members at-risk and leaves them vulnerable to individuals who want to do harm. One solution that many schools are starting to consider is to issue photo ID cards to all students, visitors, and staff members. The photo ID card will be used to identify people on the premises and to grant access.

Why ID Card Systems?

You might feel like issuing students an ID card to grant them access to their school is a drastic measure. But in the wake of a tragic school shooting, you can never be too safe. Unfortunately, many schools take action after tragedy happens. When schools implement an identification card system, they can take action to prevent tragedy and prevent injuries. Prevention is the entire premise behind ID card systems and when it comes to children, prevention is important.

How Will an ID Card Make a Difference?

An identification card is a badge that will include the wearer’s name, picture, and their identification number. You might wonder how a badge will make a difference when it comes to school security. With the right Photo ID card system and the proper management, both public schools and private schools can become secure environments where anyone who enters and exits can be tracked and identified. These systems will limit access to the school to those who have a badge and have been authorized the enter. According to research conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, assigning a photo ID card is an effective prevention strategy to cut down on school violence.

How is Access Limited with an Identification Card System?

When schools are secured with an ID card system, the only way gates and doors can be opened is when the student or staff member swipes their identification card over the card reader that controls the locked entrance. If a student or a visitor does not have their ID card, they will be required to visit the office for a replacement card or a guest pass. This is an effective way to monitor every student and adult the enters school grounds.

A photo ID card system will help keep all schools secure so that students can learn in a safe environment. These advanced identification card systems are a lot more inviting than metal detectors and security guards and just as effective. Schools who are looking for an inexpensive method to making their school a safer student community should consider the benefits of a photo ID card system. This practical application can be used to monitor students, visitors, and staff members and can even track location and attendance with advancements in radio frequency identification technologies.


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