Modern Photo Identification Cards in the Workplace

In the wake of serious security situations that have been occurring at businesses at an alarmingly increased level, it is important to have a system in place to keep track of all employees and visitors at any given time. Such access control can be achieved using advanced photo ID card technology. With today’s modern identification card technology, it is easy for security personnel to do everything from instantly creating a visitor ID card that includes a photograph to managing employee access to doors and any secure areas using proximity cards.

Photo ID technology is now quite advanced. A visitor can show up at a business, have their driver’s license scanned and a photo ID card preprogrammed to grant access to specific areas made in seconds. The system can also access background checks of the visitor through an outside source while the card is being made. Logs can be kept to track when a visitor arrives and leaves as well as where a visitor went while in a building.

Using proximity ID card technology, employees can get through locked doors they have access to without even swiping an identification card through a reader. Proximity photo ID cards clipped to clothing or carried in a pocket are read as the employee approaches the door, making it easy to get in and out unimpeded. It is no longer necessary to have a free hand to get through secured doors.

Identification card systems can immediately activate, deactivate or change the areas visitors and employees have access to. No longer is it necessary to carry keys that can be copied. A lost card can be inactivated immediately. When this occurs, there are no problems with access when an employee immediately begins to use a new replacement card. Visitor cards keep track of non-employees in the building along with which areas they have accessed or tried to access so their whereabouts can be tracked and followed when needed. A photo is on every employee and visitor identification card, making it impossible for an unauthorized person to pretend to be someone else.

Printed ID card systems can incorporate color coding to make it easy to visually identify on the spot if the ID card type is allowed in the secured area. Card readers at every entrance, exit and interior door keep track of the movements of all employees and visitors. Visitors can be restricted to specific exits to monitor when they leave the premises. There is no other system as adjustable to access control and movement as a good ID card system.

Photo ID card systems today incorporate built-in computer chips in Smart Card systems that get inserted into a reader along with proximity cards that do not require direct contact with a reader since they have a built-in antenna. Both new and old buildings can be secured using the new identification card systems. With building security being a major concern of commercial businesses and schools, the latest ID card systems go a long way in providing active security.


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