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Beyond merely providing systems we provide working solutions. In having the full Automated Card Systems advantage you are ensured our dedication to your satisfaction and success.

The ACS Advantage:

  • Consultative – Customization of a card program to meet your specific needs
  • Implementation – Integration for your current information systems
  • Training – A full comprehensive training regimen for your employees
  • Service & Support – Dedicated service technicians to provide service as needed.

Every client is different and we want to help you find the best solutions for your specific demands. Allow us to match the right products to your needs and create the perfect ID solution for you. Get started today by browsing our extensive product line:

Other ID Software Sold and Supported by ACS:

      • Assure ID
      • Episuite
      • Card Five
      • Card Exchange

Complete Photo ID Systems Include: Printer, Camera, and Card Production Software:




ACS is a Leading Provider of Quality Proximity, Contactless, and Contact SmartCards.

Traditional Proximity (Contactless) Cards

Proximity cards support access control applications. A common application is door access, where fast, hands-free operation is preferred. Proximity cards have in internal antenna that broadcasts its identification credential to allow access. They are similar to contactless smart cards except that they are read-only devices and generally have a greater physical distance range of operation than smart cards.

MIFARE® Technology Proximity Cards

MIFARE® technology cards are proximity and much more! Unlike a proximity card that can only identify itself, a MIFARE® card can think. MIFARE® cards can be used in electronic purse applications and encrypted applications.

Common applications:

      • Access control
      • Photo Identification
      • Single sign-on, secure log-on



ACS Utilizes Cutting Edge Card Technology to Ensure the Most Effective
Way to Streamline Your Processes

A Smart Card is a plastic card with an embedded microchip that has processing capabilities and data storage capacity. Smart chips are available in different memory and format configurations: Contact smart cards and contactless smart cards. Contact Smart Cards have a visible chip on the card and require insertion into a card reader for reading. Contactless Smart Cards have an embedded chip and antenna to transmit information through a radio frequency.

Common Applications Include:

      • Access control
      • Student identification
      • Vending
      • Parking
      • Food Service

A Photo ID System supports either contact or contactless smart cards. This can provide an integrated access and identification card system.



Desktop embossers from Automated Card Systems offers instant Issuance of embossed cards for Healthcare patient ID cards and Financial transaction cards. High volume card issuance of financial transaction cards from a central location—central issuance—is available. Central Issuance systems create personalized financial transaction, gift or membership cards.

-Desktop Embossers

Healthcare Solutions:

Datacard 275 System – Offers fast, quiet, and reliable embossing at an affordable price.

The system’s basic embossing capabilities enable you to quickly and accurately identify patients and track their charges. Your staff members simply make a single imprint with an embossed plastic card to identify patient documents. The 275 system replaces traditional processes that are often wasteful, erroneous, and timely.

Datacard 295 System – A powerful, modular patient identification solution

The Datacard® 295 card personalization system lets you issue high-quality patient ID cards (in a fast, single-pass operation) with your choice of embossed characters, bar codes, logos, text, encoded magstripes, and personalized smart card chips.

This powerful, compact system offers all the card personalization capabilities you need to provide faster service, higher-quality care and stronger marketing programs that can help you win the battle for patient loyalty.

Central Issuance

Central Issuance is your total solution to issue high-volume card programs.

The Datacard Maxsys Card Issuance System – Helping to elevate the productivity, flexibility and profitability of your card program. This system delivers speed, reliability and efficiency to card personalization operations while minimizing per-card costs. The Maxsys system meets the ever-increasing need for speed by personalizing up to 3,000 cards per hour.

      • High quality printing (text, bar codes, logos)
      • Smart cards and magnetic stripes
      • Embossing and topping of characters
      • Topcoat application
      • Inline card delivery – Prints letters and affixes cards to letter for highly personalized mail packages
      • High levels of security to safeguard sensitive data


Quality Durable Products

Get the same Photo ID system used by many Drivers License centers. Produce IDs that are the same quality as used by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

      • Photo ID
      • Emergency Management Services
      • Visitor Management
      • Plastic Cards
      • Smart Cards
      • Drivers Licenses

ACS Supports the Drivers License Programs in Pennsylvania & Delaware

Drivers license centers need the best photo id equipment and must have fast, reliable service. That’s why drivers license centers rely on Automated Card Systems. If you have drivers license issued by the state of Pennsylvania then you have identification made by an ACS Datacard card printer.


Photo ID Systems include:

    • Printers
    • Cameras and Capture Devices
    • Software (Card Production)

Automated Card Systems addresses an array of administrative areas:

  • Hospital Wristband and Label Printing Systems
  • Photo ID Systems
  • Kiosks for registration

Automated Card Systems offers complete photo identification systems with Simple Solutions:

  • Camera With Accompanying Capture Software
  • Software For Card Production
  • Instant ID Card Printer

Let Automated Card Systems provide you with a no cost, no obligation analysis designed to specifically determine your needs and provide you with the best possible solutions. Automated Card Systems provides sales, support, warehousing and training services for the entire tri-state area.

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