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Do You Know Who Is On The Scene During An Emergency? Do You Have The Right Tools To Manage The Scene?

State of the art emergency management software is the answer.

InterTRAX suite Emergency Management consists of three components:

  1. Identification: Identify responders coming or leaving the scene
  2. Incident: Track responders throughout the incident
  3. Interoperability: Share the data with agencies that need it in real time via the web


The foundation of the interTRAX suite is its ability to create high-capacity, machine-readable ID cards and tags for agency personnel and equipment as well as site passes for mutual aid, site visitors, and evacuees. These standardized “auto ID” tags are essential for computerized incident management, site security, and personnel accountability. interTRAX is at the forefront of NIMS resource typing, identity verification, and auto ID technologies (barcode, RFID, smart card) to keep you compliant with emerging state and federal standards.

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The core of the interTRAX suite is on-scene, computerized incident management. Functions include capturing data from machine-readable ID cards and tags, verifying a person’s identity, and tracking all personnel so you know who is at the site, what their qualifications are, where they are assigned, and when they arrived/departed/last had a status check. interTRAX can be used for a variety of incidents (fires, natural disasters, evacuations, field events, exercises, etc.) and in an interagency mode to track all types of personnel - responders, evacuees, and volunteers or site visitors.

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The pinnacle of the interTRAX suite is its ability to share incident data with off-scene facilities or sister agencies to promote situational awareness, resource management, and interagency coordination. Web-based applications can monitor the incident in real time to determine the status of deployed resources as well as the status of mass casualty incident patients or evacuees. Post incident reports are available for a variety of purposes—including documentation of resources used—to receive reimbursements or budget relief from state or federal agencies.

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The products and functionality of each InterTRAX component can stand alone, but all three components work together to form a complete solution.

Do You Know Where Your _______ Is?

AssetTRAX is an asset management solution to keep track of your department’s assets. AssetTRAX complements InterTRAX to provide complete accountability. Click here to learn about AssetTRAX.

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We're the ID Experts

ACS is a provider of photo id card printers, including Datacard Identification products.

Datacard manufactures the best in the industry and best-in-class card printers for a variety of markets and uses.

ACS is the exclusive provider of Datacard products for western PA, eastern OH and WV, and ACS-East: eastern PA, NJ, and DE.

We provide the products and service them with a dedicated team of local technicians and software engineers.

Nowhere else in the area can you find the best ID card products and the top of the line, local service to keep them up and running. That is why so many organizations rely on Automated Card Systems.

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ACS and ACS East are the exclusive providers of Datacard products for:


resourceMGR is photo-ID card software for agency IDs including powerful resource management tools for managing personnel and equipment records, qualifications, certifications, and NIMS resource typing. ID cards and tags include a high-capacity PDF417 interTRAX barcode for automated tracking. System features a scalable database (SQL), an import function, and can be networked.

rapidTAG is field software designed for creating incident-specific IDs and site passes for mutual aid, site visitors, and volunteers as well as evacuees or patients. Rapidly and accurately strips data from pre-existing IDs such as state driver’s licenses, military CAC, and other FIPS 201 smart cards. All tags feature a high-capacity PDF417 interTRAX barcode for automated tracking. Tags include permissions for expiration, role, and location.


manual ACCOUNTABILITY, formerly known as fireTRAX, this traditional 2-tag accountability system features collection rings and boards. Tags include a PDF417 interTRAX barcode to be compatible with automated tracking – perfect for volunteer departments and mutual aid.

MOBILE handheld units capture data from ID tags for assigning and tracking personnel and equipment. For larger incidents, synch data to Command.


Salamander Technologies offers powerful tools for sharing incident data with off-scene facilities or agencies to promote situational awareness and interagency coordination.

interTRAX exchange service makes incident data available to the web – either through 3rd party applications or via your own custom configurable interface. This data pipeline provides situational awareness to off-scene agencies such as emergency operations centers, public health agencies, volunteer organizations, shelters and hospitals.

interTRAX monitor provides a custom configurable interface for monitoring real-time incident data.

  • •Custom configurable view of real-time incident data
  • •Optimize for agency’s focus: EMA, Public Health, Evacuation
  • interTRAX reports provides access to incident data for various reasons including: post-incident analysis, a historical incident log for each responder or resource, a chain-of-custody record for evacuees or patients, documentation of resource usage required to receive cost reimbursements or budget relief.


    A big issue in public safety today is asset management. Agencies responsible for more than a million dollars in largely publicly-funded assets need to know where these assets are and where they are being used. These agencies have a responsibility for tracking, inventory, and maintenance of their equipment, gear, and tools. Many agencies are required to meet NFPA 1851 and other similar standards for maintenance and upkeep. Adequate maintenance on equipment can be vital to its longevity and resale value.

    FIRE DEPARTMENTS - Truck checks, hydro-testing, and periodic maintenance (NFPA 1851).

    HEALTH DEPARTMENTS - POD management, vaccination distribution, and inventory control.

    EMS AGENCIES - Expiration dates, consumables, and periodic maintenance.

    LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES - Evidence tracking, weapons accountability, periodic maintenance (squad cars).

    HAZMAT TEAMS - Consumables, FEMA reimbursement, expiration dates, and equipment calibration.

    assetTRAX provides a fast and accurate solution featuring easy “aim and shoot” barcode scanning, cutting hours off of periodic equipment checks, inspections, maintenance procedures, and physical inventories. assetTRAX makes it easy to maintain a historical record and audit trail providing 100% accountability for all assets that need to be managed.