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Although there are several technological devices that businesses need in order to function correctly, the wristband printer is particularly important. Having a high quality wristband printer is important for many reasons, including the fact that the device functions as a form of patient ID. If you are currently looking for a high quality wristband printer, there are several things that you should look for. Here are a few:

1. Total Time Required To Print The Wristband.

Knowing how long a wristbrand printer will take to print the wristband is incredibly important. This is especially the case if your company is known to need a patient ID on the spot. If a printer takes extensive time to print the wristbrand, you may need to select the product of a different company.

2. Barcode/RFID identification.

When it’s time for your company to purchase wristbrand printers, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best and most technologically advanced devices available. One of the great technological advancements that has transpired in the world of wristbrand printers includes Patient ID processes that incorporate RFID or barcode identification. Having wristbrand printers with these types of upgrades can streamline the functioning of your business. Another barcode related issue that you should look into is whether the bar code can be printed right onto the wristband, or if separate bar code labels will be required. Finally, you should consider whether the wristband printer will support the bar code formats that are generally used in the healthcare business (such as Data Matrix, QR Code, Aztec Code, and PDF417).

3. Tamper-proof Designs.

Unfortunately, many patients are willing to engage in fraudulent behavior as it pertains to identification. Since this is the case, businesses who want to protect themselves from this type of behavior should seek out wristband printers with tamper-proof designs. Doing so can decrease the rate of crime witnessed at your job site.

4. Disposal Rules and Regulations.

In some cases, wristband printers may not print the Patient ID correctly. When this happens, the ID must be disposed of. Since the ID contains sensitive data, you should consider looking at whether the printer has specific disposal steps which can ensure the protection of the patient’s privacy.

5. Printing Directly On The Wristband.

Wristband printers can function in several ways, one of which includes printing bar codes, graphics, and text on printing labels that are subsequently applied to blank wristbands. Although this method can work, it is not as effective as printing information directly onto the wristband. This latter option can prevent errors and save time, so look for a wristband printer that prints directly on the wristband.

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