How To Use An Imprinter

With the proliferation of credit card terminals, credit card processing software and even apps for mobile devices to process credit cards, it may seem redundant to have a credit card imprinter on hand. However, a credit card imprinter can be extremely useful if your business loses electricity, network data service or Internet access. In such an emergency, you can continue to accept credit card payments until you can get your credit card processing system back online.

There are two types of credit card imprinters that can temporarily replace your current system: an electric imprinter and a manual credit card imprinter. Both devices create an imprint of a customer’s credit card for processing. Although you can use a manual imprinter in most situations, some companies choose to use an electric imprinter because they have a backup electric generator in case of power loss. Although using an imprinter to process cards is not as fast as another credit card processing option, it is still an accurate and reliable way to process a credit card transaction.

Manual Credit Card Imprinter Process

Enter the transaction details in the relevant fields on the purchase slip, and then lay the credit card face up in the credit card holder section of the device. Place the purchase slip over the card, and use the imprinter’s alignment guides to help position the purchase slip. On a correctly positioned slip, the section to imprint the credit card information is located directly over the card.

Firmly hold the imprinter, then slide the device’s imprinting handle across the entire length of the purchase slip. Slide the handle back again to complete the operation. Remove the purchase slip and review the imprint.

There should be a clear imprint of the credit card on the purchase slip. If the imprint is not clear, use the credit card to fill in the missing information. Instruct the customer to review and sign the slip. If the signatures match, return the customer’s credit card and give him the customer copy portion of the slip.

Electric Credit Card Imprinter Process

Similar to the manual imprinter, the electric imprinter also has specific sections to place the customer’s credit card and the purchase slip. Slide the credit card into the imprinter’s card holder with the card’s raised numbers facing out, and then insert the purchase slip into the device’s form guide. The purchase slip should also be facing out.

Close the imprinter’s lid, and then for wait for the device to take an imprint of the credit card. The lid automatically re-opens after the imprint process completes. Review the imprint for accuracy before getting the customer’s signature and completing the transaction.

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